Health Professionals


Registry Design


The registry has been established to collect prospective data on ACL injuries and their treatment in New Zealand. All surgeons performing ACL reconstructions are encouraged to participate.

This is a prospective audit / observational study.

Demographic data, injury mechanism and ACL-related Quality of Life outcome measures are collected from patients pre-operatively and out to 5 years post surgery.

Surgeons report operative findings and report on any post-operative complications, including graft re-ruptures, additional surgery, implant problems and the like.


Outcome Data


Each year, an annual report is published on the data gained.  Analysis of variables that affect outcomes include: patient age and gender, graft type and diameter, time to surgery, concurrent pathology, implant type and surgical technique.

In addition to the annual report, surgeon-specific reports will be provided to each surgeon for CME audit submission and to facilitate self assessment.

Getting Involved:

Surgeons in virtually all centres in New Zealand contribute to the registry. New surgeons wishing to participate can contact us for all the resources to get started.